Digital dominance benchmark

The Digital Dominance Benchmark is conducted yearly by Sia Partners. The benchmark assesses the Digital strength of brands based on five different categories:

Social Media
keyword usage

Why is Digital Dominance

While the internet may be the best thing to have happened to humanity since the invention of the steam engine, ensuring that brands can compete and win in this digital age isn’t always as simple as it looks. Here are some of the things companies must invest in to create digital differentiation:


A strong web presence


Mobile optimization beyond responsive design


Emotional engagement


A proactive social media strategy


Paid media advertising
to ensure brand visibility

Gain insight

Digital strength is a key factor to win the battle for customers in today’s highly competitive and digitally advancing markets.


With our Digital Dominance Benchmark you will get insight in the Digital strength of brands and equip yourself for this battle!


Our benchmark is unique in its approach and combines our deep-analytics and digital marketing skills. The benchmark covers amongst others:

  • Global and local brands from selected sectors (> 800 brands, > 15 sectors)

  • 4 years of historical data allowing for trend analysis per brand and sector

  • Best practices and actionable insights on how to improve your Digital strength

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Dutch Press Release 2020

Why Digital Dominance is more important than ever!

The benchmark results of the Digital Dominance Benchmark 2020 show that pureplay eCommerce brands become even stronger followed by retailers with a strong developed omnichannel or digital first strategy. Download our press release in dutch for more information! 


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Martin Hermsen

Digital Dominance Benchmark

APAC 2019

Following the ground-breaking launch in Europe in 2016, this year marks the debut of our digital benchmark in Asia.

Our in-depth analysis brings valuable insights into the region’s digital space to help decode the strategies that can lead brands towards digital dominance in APAC. It also provides a unique opportunity to learn from Digital Leaders in other industries and geographies by highlighting successful digital strategies.

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Digital Innovation Summit 2020

The 6th edition of the Digital Innovation Summit will take place on March 19th, 2020 in Amsterdam. During this event the winner of the Digital Dominance Benchmark will also be announced! This is the event of the year where great minds come together to discuss the latest digital trends, innovation and transformation. This year theme is “Scaling change in the 20’s”. Want to know more? Read about it on the website


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